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How can I keep my dog busy at home?

If your dogs are not working to capacity, even after long walks, it can quickly happen that they only have nonsense on their heads. This may be because physical activity is nowhere near as strenuous for a dog as working with the brain or nose. The sense of smell is particularly important to our dogs, and nose work is much more effective and meaningful than a long walk. The sniffing makes them satisfied and tired.

With a Sniffing carpet for example, you can have fun again and keep your four-legged friend busy. Not only on days when it rains or when you have little time for the dog, but also when you are, for example, an injury makes it impossible to take long walks. 
You just have to hide a few treats in the sniffing carpet and encourage your dog to search. The search challenges him mentally, works him out and is a great change from a game in the forest or park. A great game that certainly won't take too long, but can be a lot of fun for both your dog and you. The sniffing carpet is suitable for dogs and puppies.
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